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JANuary / FEBruary 2013
The 10 topics that will dominate the conversation in the shoe business in the year ahead.

Boot Book:
There are big changes afoot in the boot market. The category continues to expand and evolve as brands reach out to younger consumers.
MARch / APRil 2013
New York City is Wild About Harrys. Manhattan’s iconic shoe store offers its take on 21st Century retailing.

Companies: ECCO-branded shoes can be found in more than 94 countries. Since 1963, the company has crafted more than 350 million pairs of shoes.
MAY / JUNe 2013
The 80s Return.
Let's take a trip back to the future. Athletic shoe brands are playing off of heritage styles as the 1980s vibe comes back in a major way.

Retail: One year after undergoing a management 
buyout Fleet Feet, Inc. is running hard after growth.
JULy / AUGust 2013
is having its moment in the
sun in footwear.

The Boot Book:
An A – Z rundown on what's
new for 2014.
SEPtember / OCTober 2013
Trail Running.
Something for everyone on the shoe wall as trail shoe styles keep pace with the hottest trends in footwear.

Retail Profile: New Jersey retailer Globe Shoes has succeeded for years with an old-school approach that is a fit for generations of consumers.
NOVember / DECember 2013
Hybrid Style
is on the rise. A look 
at shoes that are part sneaker 
and part boot.

Running Ahead.
Ten key factors shaping
the future of the running business.
JANuary / FEBruary 2012
10 Topics
We will all be talking about in 2012

Lightweight: From running with love. The lightweight running shoe craze has reached critical mass and all retail outlets are benefitting from this growth.
MARch / APRil 2012
Slowly and quietly footwear manufacturing is growing again in the U.S.A. Here, companies share how and why they produce domestically.

The Fit Factor: It's the great differentiator at retail 
and now brands are trying their best to make the 
shoe fit, too.
MAY / JUNe 2012
Retailers and shoe brands can offer up varying definitions, but in the end, it's the consumer who will decide what is minimal and what is not.

Know Thy Consumer. Meet the six female consumers driving your business. Today, the female shoe consumer is more educated than ever.
JULy / AUGust 2012
Boot Book
Today’s boots are giving consumers what they want – and retailers what they need to sell.

Minimalist Handbook
Everything you wanted to know about minamalism in footwear – and much, much more – is right here in this issue.
SEPtember / OCTober 2012
Trail Running
This month’s Footwear Insight Trail Running Roundtable offers its take on bright colors, minimalism that is driving consumer interest.

Spring 2013 sees the comfort category going for style feet first. 
NOVember / DECember 2012
Everybody talks about the lifestyle consumer, but what does that really mean?

Man's Shoes:
Men’s shoes take the high road — of style and technology. They have gotten a sole-lift that elevates everything.
JANuary / FEBruary 2011
Gaining Traction
Wellness, Barefoot and minimalism are all buzzwords. But brand are defying classification with shoes that make customers feel better.

2011 Outlook
The 11 big issues everybody will be talking about in 2011.
MARch / APRil 2011
Ronnie Fieg On the Verge
This New Yorker cut his teeth working for his uncle at David Z and is now stepping out and offering advice, design input and ideas to key players.

What to wear to the recovery The newest recovery shoes are athletically inspired, colorful and lightweight.
MAY / JUNe 2011
The Wellness category
has yet to find its defining moment, yet the movement is taking hold are delivering product and ideas.

A look at how two independent retailers find a healthy business by catering to customers interested in healthy feet.
JULy / AUGust 2011
Let There Be Lifestyle.
Spring '12 is full of color, function and life.

The Boot Book.
Work boots gear up. 2011 is the year of the hard-working, good-looking, 24/7 uber boot.
SEPtember / OCTober 2011
To Drop Or Not To Drop
The battle lines are drawn in the minimalist subculture within the running shoe world

Casual Comfort
Comfort reign supreme 
these days in all classifications of footwear for Spring 2012.
NOVember / DECember 2011
Women’s comfort shoes finally have found their comfort zone – walking confidently on the runway. 

Trend Insight:
Minimalist Trail Running Shoe Are more runners choosing to hit the trails this year?
JANuary / FEBruary 2010
Trends that will ring the register this fall
Urban meets Outdoors; Comfort meets Style; Performance running; Americana; Walking/Toning.
MARch / APRil 2010
The Power of Old Glory
We take a look at three brands that are bucking the trend by making shoes in the U.S.A.

Healthy Feet:
Footwear vendors are really pushing the health benefits of their new footwear.
MAY / JUNe 2010
The Great Barefoot Debate Fueled by mass media reporting, the pros and cons of barefoot running have split runners and shoe companies into two camps.

Half shoe.
Half sneaker. All Style – what makes a shoe a shoe?
JULy / AUGust 2010
Spring Awakening
Vibran colors and crossover style lead the way in our Spring 2011 footwear preview.

Flip Flop Shops
Specialty retailer is modeled after the wildly successful Sunglass Hut.
SEPtember / OCTober 2010
Ground Control
A look at the new crop of Spring 2011 trail running shoes reveals that trail running footwear continues to get sleeker and lower in profile.

Generation Wellness
Grandsons offer a modern take on an old-age idea: better living starts with the foot.
NOVember / DECember 2010
Clogs 2.0
A blend of classic clog style with funky, fashionable touches is a hallmark of new clog collections.

China Explained
What happens in Chinese factories today will impact the shelves of footwear retailers.