fourth annual
The Gold Medal
Service Awards 2018
For The Independent Retailers That Offer The Best Service In The Country.
2018 Gold Medal Service Award Sponsors

Chandler’s Walk Shoppe

2018 Waldy award winner - Score: 102

OWNER: SKIP CHANDLER • Salt Lake City, Utah • Year Founded: 2000
“I’m a certified pedorthist and a physical therapist and I’ve made orthotics for 32 years, so when we started the store I was very familiar with the need. We’re very hands-on, very customer satisfaction driven. Everyone tries on the new shoes to get a sense for how they’re fitting, whether they’re fitting shallow or full, long or short. We have an investment in staff: We can’t lose that knowledge. Obviously we’re not perfect, but we try to turn those times we aren’t perfect into learning experiences.” – Skip Chandler